Smart adaptation interventions & rapid regulatory disclosures through financial risks quantification of climate & biodiversity crisis


There is a lack of knowledge about how the disclosures are to be done as the TNFD’s guidelines are very widely scoped. Most companies don’t have a full team of climate and biodiversity experts trained with data science tools, knowledge of data and subject matter. This leaves them vulnerable to physical and transitional risks that result in financial losses and long-term business vulnerability.


$44T of business
value depends on


Top 200 corporates to lose 1.3T$ by 2030 from climate change.


Biodiversity omitted
from economic &
financial decisions.


Biodiversity data is not standardised and there are many data gaps


Lack of joint climate-biodiversity risks & models.


Inaccurate climate & biodiversity


Quantifying Nature provides two distinct solutions.

First solution caters to insurance providers, asset managers and any company or government that is interested in analytics related to financial losses and disruption of the supply chain due to physical and transitional risks of climate change & biodiversity loss. The software also provides a list of nature-based solutions that could help mitigate the risks. 

Our TNFD solution will provide clients with an easy-to-use system that covers TNFD, TCFD, with SBTI, SBTN, Encore & InVEST integrated in its analysis.


Standardized analytics based on TNFD, TCFD, & Encore frameworks

By using unifying industry accepted methodologies as one, we position ourselves as a de-facto industry standard and are able to cater to everyone’s needs at once.


Comprehensive and accurate insights

Partnerships with leading providers, i.e. Maxar, Safe Graph & Refinitive, ensure access to enough precision data sets to yield accurate analytics.


Leading modelling methods

Complex machine learning climate-biodiversity models developed by in-house experts & verified by leading climate, biodiversity & economics specialists from Oxford, Cambridge and LSE.