Quantifying Nature

Providing accurate biodiversity and climate risk analytics.

Demonstrating the risks of climate and biodiversity

Our Models & Analytics

Habitat suitability

Understanding habitat suitability is vital to understanding how biodiversity dependent industries will be affected by the changing climate and the knock on effect of changing species migration and habitation. Our automated custom habitat suitability model provides predictions of species habitation throughout this century under a variety of possible climate futures. This statistical machine learning model enables clients to make informed decisions about crops and pollination under the uncertainty of climate change

Climate projections

Our climate insights (of extreme temperatures, changing weather patterns etc.) are built upon the latest Earth system models which simulate the changing world for a variety of future possibilities. Using our custom statistical tools, we create accurate future predictions from the combination of multiple climate models. This way, we can be sure of the robustness of these predictions and the uncertainty surrounding climate outcomes.

Ecosystem valuations

Our valuations of ecosystems and ecosystems services are derived from the largest collection of studies from around the world. Within our framework we aggregate thousands of these valuations to quantify the value of important ecosystems and the social, cultural, physical and economic services they provide.

Coastal Vulnerability

The Coastal Vulnerability model produces a qualitative estimate of exposure to storm-induced erosion and flooding in terms of a vulnerability index that differentiates between areas of relatively high or low exposure, providing areas where people are vulnerable to storms waves and surge. 

Carbon Storage and Sequestration

The model shows the amount of carbon stored and sequestered by landscapes. Using a market or social value of sequestered carbon, the annual change rate and a discount rate we can estimate the value of this ecosystem service. 

At present, we are focusing more on generating state of art models and technologies so that their product carries out the most valid data on biodiversity loss and climate change.

June 2022

Team & partnership building + proof of concept & feasibility study + academic pilot study + AI prototype development. 🎉

November 2022

The first version of Quantifying Nature MVP (V0.1) is developed and launched. ⭐

July 2023

Pre-Market launch and final MVP (V0.3) revisions. ⚙️

September 2022

Start of MVP development + launch of pre-seed Fundraising Campaign & new upcoming website. 🚀

May 2023

The MVP improvements and development (V0.2). Stakeholder consultation. 🥸

September 2023

Deployment of Market-ready MVP (v1.0) and Market Launch. 🚀

Time Until Market Launch