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World’s first global coverage in terms of identifying and quantifying climate and biodiversity risk analytics.

Quantifying Nature is a climate risk intellect platform that comes with a group of scientists to understand climate and biodiversity risks.

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At Quantifying Nature get climate and biodiversity risk solutions. Our focus is the importance of communication in the global language for positive change.

Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity loss makes the capacity of ecosystems to function proficiently but
unfortunately 65% of companies lack the technology to approach ESG risk and assess the economic
effects of biodiversity loss.

Nature Loss

Climate change is badly affected due to a damaged ecosystem. Global calculation lets us
know that 40% of the inhabitants are affected due to natural loss.

Reputation Loss

Failure to reputation loss will just not only affect the risk of environmental safety
but also the financial threats.

Demonstrating the risks of climate and biodiversity

Executive Team


Adrien Firmenich​​

Founder & CEO​


Matija Kordic

Co-founder & CTO
Head 2

Dr Muhammad Sajjad

Head of Adaptation

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Quantifying Nature is the Top 16 most innovative Fintech Start-ups

Quantifying Nature, the fast-growth climate risk analytics provider, has been named the top 16 most innovative fintech start-ups by Fintech Global.

5 March 2023

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