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The world’s first B2B SaaS platform to provide standardised quantification of nature-related risk and impacts, and recommend nature positive solutions. We will produce TNFD and TCFD compliant financial disclosures.

Our Joint Earth Financial Disclosures provide clients with an easy-to-use system that covers TNFD, TCFD, with SBTI, SBTN, Encore & InVEST integrated in its analysis

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Climate-Biodiversity Impacts & Dependencies

Biodiversity Loss

Approximately 65% of companies lack the needed technology to approach ESG risk and assess the economic effects of biodiversity loss. 

Climate Risks


Around 85% of people around the world are affected by human-driven climate change. The effects on businesses are devastating, from physical risks related to flooding to worsening storms, businesses are becoming more aware of the need to quantify both their impacts as well as dependencies on nature. 

Reputational Loss

Transitional risks are those arising from a transition to a low-carbon economy and can be driven by policy, legal, technological or market changes, that emerge as we adapt to climate change. These risks can translate into financial and reputational risks to an organization.

Demonstrating the risks of climate and biodiversity

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Adrien Firmenich​​

Founder & CEO​


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Co-founder & CTO
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Dr Minerva Singh

Head of Biodiversity

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Quantifying Nature, the fast-growth climate risk analytics provider, has been named the top 16 most innovative fintech start-ups by Fintech Global.